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Team Brazil is a five-piece band, fusing the Brazilian rhythms of Batucada, Samba, Reggae and Baion with Funk, Hip-hop and Ragga in a dance inducing explosion of percussion and voice. It is a collective passion for Brazilian music that bonds Team Brazil together. Through their performances, Team Brazil forms a link to the spirit of Brazil.

Come alive to the primitive sounds of the drum. Lots of drums. All beating in unison. A range of services from ten-minute to full-day formats and can be applied in your conference, seminar or special event. These can include a Pre-dinner activity, to icebreakers, energisers or just pure entertainment from Team Brazil.

Speak to our conference manager to arrange a session to suit your agenda. Sessions range from 30 minutes through to a full day of team-building activities.

14 days notice required. Price on application according to group size and duration.

In 30 years of providing facilities, services and hospitality for organisations wishing to run meetings at Panorama Retreat, the smallest conference I ever saw was for 2 people. Two partners who could never find the time to discuss their business, their issues, their strengths and weaknesses and plan for the future. So, they decided to go away and spend some time together to plan in the best interests of their business and their relationship. A formal (but informal) meeting for two. They had an agenda and an agreed approach. Breakfast at 7:30, followed by a walk in the gardens before taking up their positions in the conference room for the meeting. At the end of the day a formal review of their progress and decisions made before dinner together. Next day more of the same. Our guess was that it may have been the most successful meeting they ever attended. So, I guess that’s small.

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