Meeting Rooms

Panorama Centre

Panorama Centre is a self-contained conference/function facility within the Panorama Retreat & Resort complex. The centre offers executive guest rooms, private dining, bar and recreation area and conference facilities.

The Shiloah room is the heart of the Panorama Centre designed for special events such as product launches and displays.  Over 200 sq mt (17x12mt) with excellent natural light. This contemporary conference room for up to 120 delegates is supported by 5 dedicated syndicate rooms.

Cars can even be driven into the room, making it ideal for automotive events and for setting up your large scale function.

Shiloah Room

The largest of our conference rooms is quite spectacular.

Airconditioned with large feature windows that allow lots of natural light in. Electronically operated blinds provide total blackout at the press of a button. The integrated presentation sound system, wireless access and high quality rear projection for LCD and video all make this one of the best conference rooms you will ever work in.

Length: 17m
Width: 12m
Height: 3.2m
U-shaped seating capacity: 60
Theatre seating capacity: 110
Class seating capacity: 80
Syndicate Rooms: Tremont, Olinda, Ferny Creek, Montrose, Kallista

Outlook Room

A large room with lots of windows offering wonderful views of the gardens, the Silvan Dam and Yarra Valley beyond. Loads of natural light. Close to all conference amenities including the main dining room and the viewing deck, perfect for cocktails.

Ideal for medium to large groups.

Length: 17.5m
Width: 7m
Height: 2.8m
U-shaped seating capacity: 42
Theatre seating capacity: 80
Class seating capacity: 50

Silvan Room

This is a perfect room for small to medium sized groups.

The room with an unforgettable view. Towering floor to ceiling windows provide a panoramic view of the Silvan Dam, the forest and the magnificent gardens. A popular conference room located away from the busy centre of the venue. Very quiet and private.

Length: 9m
Width: 6m
Height: 5m
U-shaped seating capacity: 20
Theatre seating capacity: 30
Board seating capacity: 24
Class seating capacity: 24

Forest Room

As the name suggests, the Forest Room is surrounded by towering Mountain Ash trees and ferns. Adjoining syndicate rooms make this a completely private conference area. Outside there are 3 attractive courtyards for meeting breaks and enjoying the fresh mountain air. A lovely quiet setting for medium sized groups.

Length: 9m
Width: 7.5m
Height: 2.8m
U-shaped seating capacity: 20
Theatre seating capacity:40
Board seating capacity: 28
Class seating capacity: 26

Waratah Room

The “Board Room”. An intimate meeting room ideal for smaller groups. Also doubles as a private dining room.

Waratah is centrally located close to all facilities. Glass doors open onto the viewing deck offering wonderful views to the Silvan Reservoir and right down the picturesque Yarra Valley.

Length: 7m
Width: 5m
Height: 2.8m
U-shaped seating capacity:10
Theatre seating capacity:18
Board seating capacity:14
Class seating capacity:12