7 indispensable conference catering tips

Naturally, conference planners are keen for their delegates to get get the most out of the event. It is essential for delegates to remain alert and attentive.

professional conference centre will provide ergonomically designed chairs for good support and all day comfort.  There will be good natural light in the conference rooms and access to fresh air. Equally, the choice of food will be critical to make sure delegates are energised and not falling asleep after a few minutes in the conference room.


Here are a few things to think about:

  • Start the day with an energising meal.
  • Lunch should be light with a variety of different foods. Buffet lunches should always include salads and fruit. Minimise fried and heavy foods. This helps delegates to stay awake and attentive during your afternoon sessions.
  • Determine special dietary requirements for your group in advance. Delegates with special needs should speak directly to the chefs. Have whole fruit or sliced fruit available at morning and afternoon tea. People need a choice – a scone jam and cream or a piece of fruit.
  • Ensure mints/lollies on conference tables are individually wrapped. This helps prevent transfer of germs, in particular in winter with colds and flu about.
  • Take Berocca to the conference.  Your body may not be used to excesses of food and beverages.  Berocca can assist with vitamins and energy levels.
  • To anticipate a bar tab for the night – allow the cost of 1 bottle of wine per person. Look on the wine list a find a reasonably priced bottle of wine and multiply by the number of people for dinner.
  • If you want delegates to be on time, attentive and active in the first session of the day, close the bar about 11pm the night before.  Once the bar is closed delegates tend to go to bed.

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