Real benefits to customised conference packages

By Jeffry Farman, past Global President, International Association of Conference Centres.

In a hotel environment, event planners often have to conform to a hotels way of doing things. Room configuration, timetable, menus that are part of the hotel’s way of doing things. That does not always suit a client’s specific needs.

Specialist conference venues are often much more flexible in trying to provide a conference or retreat package that is customised to the needs of a client.

Discover how a customised approach made Vision Personal Training’s event an enormous success.

One example of the flexible approach.

One recent example was the 3-day event planned for the Vision Personal Training Retreat at Panorama Retreat & Resort in the beautiful Dandenong Ranges. The manner in which the weekend schedule, the activities rooms and menus were all customised to meet the specific requirements of the group where very much appreciated by the client. This flexible approach to working with the event planners went a long way towards the success of the event.

Discover how a customised approach made Vision Personal Training’s event an enormous success.

Tailor your own Conference Package.

For those groups on a tight budget. Panorama Retreat & Resort provides an opportunity to select your own inclusions for meeting facilities and food and beverage requirements. Enquire here.

Make your Conference event the best it can be.

Choose your venue wisely. These days, residential conference events can represent a heavy cost to organisations. There’s often a significant investment in time and money. So, the choice of venue can be a significant factor in the success of the event.

What’s included?

The checklist includes:

  • Choosing the best location
  • Why a distraction free environment is so important
  • Why choose a specialist conference venue?
  • Is conference business their speciality? Are they experienced with conference business?
  • Ensuring the venue is flexible to run to your timetable (not theirs)
  • What happens if there is a power outage? Is there a back-up?
  • Budgeting for a reliable all-inclusive cost (no hidden extras)
  • Questions to ask when you visit and inspect candidate venues.

Make sure you have the checklist to support you.

It can be a risky business to proceed without knowing the right questions to ask.


Learn more about Panorama Retreat & Resort’s customised, flexible approach to conferencing from the Vision Personal Training case study. You’ll discover how we selected suitable activities and experiences to ensure Vision PT achieved their ideal wellness retreat for clients and staff.

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