Racing Carnival


An interactive horse race including betting and “live” horse racing (without the horses). Each punter is given a starting pot of $1000 “dollars” to bet. Each race features six “horses” selected from your guests. Two large dice are thrown, the first selects the horse that will be moving and the second dice selects the number of places it will move. The dice are thrown again and again until one “horse” makes it to the end of the track as the winner.

As the race progresses and horses move, our comic host builds the excitement just like a real horse race. Winnings are automatically displayed and the leading punters are revealed. During the event there are more races with different odds, quinella’s and “hurdles” to overcome. There are bonus dollars given out with horse racing trivia questions or a physical challenge.


We can even organise a “Fashions on the Field.” At the end of the six race program the leading punter is recognised. There can also be a prize for the winner of each race. We supply a large (10m x 4 m) track including fencing, dice, six “horses” and a computer program that automatically calculates odds and winnings, race books and comic host. If required prizes can be organised additionally to suit your budget.

Racing Carnival races can easily be organised for any time of the day. These can be held outdoors or even around a sit down meal indoors at night. Very popular around Cups Time.

14 days notice required. Price on application according to group size and prizes given. Allow 3.5 to 4.

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