Murder Mystery


A challenging activity for your guests that will require participants to work effectively as a team to solve the crime.

The group will problem solve, use deduction, analyse evidence and communicate effectively. It also raises a number of moral issues around loyalty, trust and when to disclose or withhold information.

During the evening your group will:

  • Collect and analyse forensic evidence
  • Have to break coded messages
  • Interview suspects
  • Use deduction, with circumstantial evidence
  • Identify motives
  • Rescue someone from a hostage situation

Each participant has to play a character in the plot (fancy dress may be used). Most characters will come under suspicion at some stage in the evening. Many of the characters will have a cameo role they will need to perform – for example a priest – saying grace or a magician – performing a trick.

The activity has a dramatic ending with the team working together to rescue a hostage. Often hilarious, lots of laughs. Always great fun.

7 days notice required. Price on application for event and costume hire. Minimum 20 people. Allow 3.5 to 4 hours.

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